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Pedicure Spa Treatments!
Coffee Scrub/Mask: Exfoliates, has anti-inflammatory properties that naturally reduce swelling and puffiness, increases blood circulation, temporarily reduces cellulite, and improves skin texture. ($55 with spa pedicure)
Lavender Scrub/Mask: Lavender boosts circulation to increase blood flow & ensure that the skin cells receive adequate nutrition & oxygen thereby keeping them healthy & with quick turnover. Lavender also has powerful anti oxidants which can help to prevent irritation by pollutants on the skin, & its used as a calming agent. ($55 with spa pedicure)



Tangerine Scrub/Mask: Cirtrus is a good source of Vitamin C, which improves skin texture, color & cell turnover. it also helps restore collagen to firm your skin & prevent early aging signs. Tangerine helps to maintain oxygen in the skin & combats free radicals to leave your skin radiant & refreshing. ($55 with Spa Pedicure)
Cucumber Scrub/Mask: The photochemical in cucumbers will cause the collagen in your skin to tighten for a smoother skin surface. It will help reduce inflammation & hydrate the skin while eliminating dead skin cells to reduce calluses. This scrub will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, & rejuvenated. ($55 with Spa Pedicure)
Charcoal Scrub/Mask: Charcoal helps to draw bacteria, toxins, dirt & other micro particles from your skin. It is used to detoxify your body , & has anti-aging & Cardiovascular benefits. It is infused with citrus oil to relive tension & stress. This helps you feel energized & revitalized.
($55 with Spa Pedicure)
Tropical Scrub/Mask: This exfoliating scrub will leave you feeling like you're in your dream get away, with scents of tropical fruit & flowers. It will scrub away dead skin & promote new cell growth by promoting circulation in the cells. You will leave with refreshed, youthful looking skin. ($55 with Spa Pedicure)
Tranquil Pearl scrub/Mask: This scrub will leave your skin luminous & bright by scrubbing away dead skin cells & promoting new cell growth.It also adds antioxidants to help your skin grow healthier with each treatment. The soft floral oils will leave you balanced & relaxed. Your skin will be smooth and hydrated. ($55 with Spa Pedicure)
Paraffin Wax: 
Hydrating elements penetrating moisture past the skin's surface, giving you softer more youthful skin, relaxes muscles, increases blood flow, relieves joint stiffness and reduces pain. ($55 with Spa Pedicure)
Jelly Pedicure: Contains natural extracts and oils and choices include grape seed oil, avocado oil, aloe vera extract, jojoba seed oil and lavender. Jelly pedicure also contains papain enzyme which breaks down dead skin cells and helps with stressed muscles and jelly retains water naturally to keep your skin moisturized and softens cracked skin to give your feet a healthy glow. ($75 with Spa Pedicure)
Organic Shea Butter: This pedicure helps repair anti-aging, promotes elasticity, anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Organic Shea Butter is a natural collagen production and contains vitamin A, E, F and fatty acids for skin softening. ($70 with Spa Pedicure)
Organic Coconut Milk: This pedicure has many beneficial vitamins and alpha hydroxyl acid. It’s know to treat dry, flaky skin. It also helps maintain skin firmness and eleasticity to prevent skin aging by fighting off free radicles. Organic Coconut Milk boosts collagen production and helps skin retain moisture and a youthful glow. ($70 with Spa Pedicure)
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